Guy Coffin Glass Plate Collection


Guy Coffin Glass Plate Collection


Glass plate negatives taken by Guy Coffin, a professional photographer who lived in Greenwood.


Coffin, Guy

Items in the Guy Coffin Glass Plate Collection Collection

Chris Bean
Portrait of Chris Bean.

Jasper Bean
Jasper Bean riding a tricycle.

Daniel Alphin Coffin
"Daniel Alphin Coffin was Guy's uncle. Uncle Alphin was in the hotel business at Locke's Mills at least twice. The first time he got burned out. I think he lived last at Milton. He was a grandfather to Clara Jackson of Milton." - Blaine Mills

May Cross
May Cross.

Chester C.
Chester Cummings? "When I first started indexing these negatives, I was sure that I could prove that Chester C. was indeed Chester Cummings, but I was never able to prove it. The same goes for the next two negatives, Clara C. and Elton C., #GP01E,…

Clara C.
Clara Cummings?

Elton C.
Elton Cummings?

Jesse Daniels
Jesse Daniels? "I think this is Jessie Dainel." - Blaine Mills

Annie Farrar
Annie Farrar. "Anna D. Farrar born May 24, 1887, daughter of George E. Farrar and Clara F. Bryant. She married Arthur Stowell. She owned a small house on East Bethel Road near Locke's Mills. Her grandson, Brian Oliver own the place now." - Blaine…

Annie Farrar
Annie Farrar.