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Six photographs of Rena George.
"The Cast."
"The Cast."
"The Cast." Front row: Dana Grant, Jr., Ruth Farrington, and Carol Cushman. Back row: Ruth Stowell, James Chadbourne, Lorna Littlehale, Tompson (mill boss), Vernon Curtis, Serena George, and Earle Maxim. This is one of the last photos that Nettie…
Six photographs of Rena George, Vesta Woodis, and Ruth Farrington. Top row: Rena and Vesta; Vesta, Rena, Ruth; Vesta, Ruth. Bottom row: Vesta and Ruth; Vesta; Ruth.
Celia Estes and Rena George. Celia was Nettie Maxim's niece and Rena was a friend and neighbor.
Ruth Farrington and Winnie Maxim at the Chase Place.
Bird Hill School group. The teacher, Alma Swan is in the back. Second row: Grover Thomas and Alice Buck. Front row: Earle Maxim, Walter Maxim, and Winnie Maxim. The last class ever held on Bird Hill. It was held in the Chase Place.
Lorna Littlehale (third from left) and others, unidentified.
Lorna Littlehale (third from left) and others, unidentified.
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