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Ruth Farrington and Winnie Maxim at the Chase Place.
Bird Hill School group. The teacher, Alma Swan is in the back. Second row: Grover Thomas and Alice Buck. Front row: Earle Maxim, Walter Maxim, and Winnie Maxim. The last class ever held on Bird Hill. It was held in the Chase Place.
Walter and Winne Maxim in the daisy field.
Picking apples. Left to right: Moses Cummings, Winnie Maxim, and Earle Maxim. Nettie's father and two older children.
Maxim berry field. Charles Vetquoskey and Winnie Maxim.
Captain William Jones and crew boating on North Pond. Captain Jones was a Swedish sea captain who met and married Moses Cummings sister, Abbie H. Cummings, when she was working in Portland. Left to right: Captain Jones, Florence Cummings, Lura…
Winnie Maxim in front. Others, left to right: Earle Maxim, Florence Cummings, Florence Beal, Frances Cummings, Mamie Beal. Taken at the sand bar on South Pond.
Walter, Winnie, and Earle Maxim playing in the pond.
Winifred ("Winnie") Maxim, Nettie Maxim's daughter.
Winifred ("Winnie") Maxim, Nettie Maxim's daughter.
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