Program Schedule

The Greenwood Historical Society host one regular program a month from May to September at 7:00 pm on the first Wednesday of each month. For 2017, the schedule of programs is as follows:
  • May 3: Movie Night: We will be showing the film from last years bicentennial celebration. Prior to this program we will be having a brief special meeting to vote on proposed changes to the Society’s constitution.
  • June 7: Dr. Carl Francis of the Maine Mineral and Gem Museum will discuss the history of mines and minerals in Greenwood.
  • July 5: “Sisters ~ History Detectorists,” Belinda Hagar and Heidi Inman (nee Emmons) will present a slideshow and artifact show about their metal detecting excursions in Greenwood and the history of the Emmons family.
  • August 2: Blaine Mills and Will Chapman will present a program on the history of the lakes and ponds of Greenwood.
  • September 6: Annual Meeting: There will be a pot-luck supper at 6:00, following which we will elect officers and trustees for the Society for 2017-2018. At 7:00, Peter Stowell will present a program on Indian tribes of Western Maine.
Unless otherwise stated, all programs will be held in the Greenwood Town Hall. A few special events may be added, and, if so, will be announced at one of our regularly scheduled programs and on Facebook.